3 Ways to Make Your Marketing Suck Less

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Here is What You'll Learn

Who is Your Customer?

Let's do a deep dive into figuring out who your ideal customer should be

How to get MORE

More exposure, more customers, more's all in the way you talk to your audience, so let's figure out how!

Download My Marketing Workbook!

Includes my free workbook that will help you work out the advantages you have and how you can better target your dream customers

How to Find Your Unfair Advantage

What are the ways your business can find a spot in the marketplace that drives massive growth?

How to Automate Your Business

Learn how to integrate tools, apps, plugins, and people to better automate your business so you can devote more time to building profit-generating products and services

A Peek Inside My Systems

Want to see how I run my business? Check out my list of apps and tools that I use every day to run a flourishing online business.


Hi! My name is Megan Brame

and believe me, I know what you're going through…

The impatience of waiting for success, dodging the slightly-concerned questions from friends and family, wondering why “they” could do it while I couldn't.

When I was still in college, I opened up a wee tiny soap and candle business, shucking things at local craft fairs. The money was way more dynamic than a “day job” but the freedom to control my own fate…oh man, I was hooked.

That soap and candle company ended up garnering 5 industry awards, beating out ginormous companies, and being mentioned in over 100 publications. It was all my work…and it was only my work.

I was afraid to give up control, you see, so I'd do everything myself. The production, sales, shipping, logistics, bookkeeping, taxes (yikes!), graphic design, web development…you name it, my hands were in it. I worked myself into a trap where I was afraid to let go and my business turned from a dream I had into a job I hated.

I ended up walking away from it and finding my current path: helping other entrepreneurs build their businesses into profit-making machines that let them get away from their soul-sucking jobs and support their families and lives by doing it right the first time and avoiding the pitfalls of fear.

Now I'm going to do the same for your business. Here's to your success!